LMT Data Centre renovation

 Close Control air conditioning
Cooling Capacity
Execution period

The technological equipment upgrading program of the existing “SIA Latvian Mobile Telephon” Data Centre at Ropazu street in Riga supposed to strip and rebuild existing air conditioning system while continuous system operation was crucial and the Data Centre would be live throughout the duration of the work.

The upgrade of the Data Centre required the renewal of twenty existing close control units and construction of the 500 kW cooling plant which would incorporate free cooling heat exchange system and improve energy efficiency.

The Data Centre was live throughout the duration of the contract and all precautionary measures were taken by BIANT engineers to ensure continuous operation of the cooling systems and the Data Centre. A complete on-site air conditioning system refurbishment utilised the dual coil GEA air conditioners installation. This allowed carry the replacement works and commissioning on a ‘unit by unit’ basis while chilled water and free cooling systems were put into operation when all close control units had been started up.

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