It is difficult to overestimate the importance of ventilation systems in the modern civil and industrial buildings. The ventilation systems are ensuring proper air circulation in the premises, as well as safety, health and comfort of people there. An operable ventilation system requires the application of a wide range of knowledge in aerodynamics, thermal engineering, hydraulics, acoustics, and, ultimately, should be a compromise for the ultimate user between a good climate in the building, reasonable capital costs and minimal operating costs.

Our approach to the implementation of ventilation projects provides a thorough study of the project documentation and specific equipment, check of technical data of each element of the system for compliance with the requirements of the project and the current rules and standards, instruction of the involved installation teams, monitoring of the quality of the works and testing of the fitted systems for compliance with the required density class of air ducts. Commissioning group ensures balancing of the installation completion systems in order to ensure compliance of the system parameters with the project requirements.

Assurance of quality and production culture are achieved by:

  • regular training and requalification of our workers and technicians for the knowledge of modern technologies and installation work practices 
  • regular cooperation and collaboration with our key suppliers, which allows keeping track of all innovations and improvements in the field of ventilation
  • using of special tools and equipment, which allows optimizing the production processes and increasing labour productivity