Academic Center for Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia

Customer  Latvijas Universitate
Contractor  LNK Industries
Works ventilācija
Site area, m2
Execution period

In 2014, the company BIANT won the tender for the construction of ventilation and heat recovery systems in the new building of the Academic Center for Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia.

The seven-storey building of the Center has housed the faculties of Biology, Geography and Earth Science, Chemistry, Medicine as well as the Department of Optometry and Vision Science department of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. Six laboratories of the research centers of national importance are located on the ground floor.

Design of engineering systems required a special attention to energy-efficient solutions. Ventilation systems that are serving the audience, halls and laboratories are equipped with a variable air volume (VAV), which allows significantly reducing the ventilation air consumption and heat and cold consumption.

It is planned to install wind turbines and solar panels in the roof, thus allow using the alternative energy, and the control of all building systems will be carried out with the help of “smart home” technology.

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